Canterbury to Chartham 
(4 miles one way)

City to Vineyards via the river path

Leave the city behind as your head up river towards Chartham. Your set off point is Westgate Tower, heading along the ride alongside the Westgate gardens. Passing by the Toddlers Cove park and leaving Canterbury, crossing under the great brick bridge and into the Hambrook Marshes fields where Julius Caesars army camped before attacking the city. Continue along the flat bike path all the way to Chartham and enjoy The Chartham Vineyard, The Artichoke Pub and historic sites. 

Whitstable - the Crab & Winkle Railway 
(8 miles one way)

Out of the Canterbury valley and down to the coast

8 miles each way with a valley wall to climb makes the Crab & Winkle Way (the path of the third railway line ever to be built and the first in the world to take passengers regularly and to issue season tickets.) A challenging but rewarding ride, leaving from central Canterbury you climb up towards Kent University to enter the orchard and forest section. Following the wide and clear path down long down ride into the coastal fields and then into the coastal village of Whitstable. Those with fuel still in the tank, turn right at the beach and head along the coastal path to Herne Bay.

Picturesque Fordwich 
(2.5 miles one way)

through the woods, across the fields and to the riverside pub! (or Michelin restaurant)

Location: Birdoling Street nr11. Berlin-Alt Treptow, check the map link.
Designed for a familly of 3, for sale is a beautifully decorated, modern 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom corner condo with a great view from the 20th floor at the two Oranjada towers.

This condo has a large wrap around balcony as well as a smaller balcony connected to the master bedroom.


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